POA Circulars

125 | 20.12.2019


Under Rule 10.7 it is a requirement that a member has 5 years continuous membership of the POA before they can be elected to the National Executive Committee, and regrettably in the recent election two candidates who stood in the election were subsequently found to be ineligible under this Rule.

Both candidates were written to inviting them to respond with any information which demonstrated that they were nevertheless eligible. One candidate accepted that they were ineligible and the other provided information to the NEC as to why they believed they were eligible.

The National Executive at its meeting on 11th December 2019 carefully considered the information provided as well as the POA’s Rules. It concluded that although the individual had genuine reasons for believing the contrary to be so, and that the blame for the problem arising lay elsewhere, the eligibility requirement was still not satisfied and that the Rules had to be followed.

The NEC therefore informed the member that they were ineligible to stand and therefore their election to the NEC was null and void.

As this was a statutory election, and in line with previous practice, the NEC identified the remaining eligible candidate who polled the most votes. The NEC therefore made the decision to elevate Geoff Willetts to the NEC position from the end of Annual Conference 2020.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of our members.

Yours sincerely


Deputy General Secretary