POA Circulars

118 | 15.11.2019


The NEC have increasing concern with regard to the increase in instances where staff are being asked to conduct duties that are potentially in breach of their Job Description. Following the introduction of Fair and Sustainable, each job holder has a Job Description assigned to them in compliance with the Job Evaluation Scheme (JES). Each Job Description is then assigned to a pay banding proportionate to that Job Descriptions role and responsibilities.

However, it is becoming apparent that some POA members are being asked to conduct duties that do not fit within their Job Description and by consequence their allocated pay banding. If this is indeed the case for any POA member, the NEC urge each individual POA member to submit a grievance and request a review of their Job Description and pay banding so that they receive a fair and equitable pay for the work that they do. The NEC also urge Branches where this is happening to enter into a Local Dispute under PSO 8525.

In relation to this the NEC recognise that some establishments are experiencing considerable recruitment problems into Probation Band 4 POM roles. However, Operational Band 4 POMs should not be undertaking any work which would normally fall within Probation Band 4 POM roles, specifically High-Risk Offender work, which would be considered as managing that case.

This work has been recognised as requiring a higher degree of expertise in order to protect the public and prevent re-offending and has been JES’d accordingly.

Your sincerely


National Vice Chair