POA Circulars

106 | 17.10.2019

Contempt of Court Proceedings Update

As you know from Circular 88/2019 (20.09.2019) the hearing of the Secretary of State for Justice’s contempt application against POA was due to be heard on 22nd October 2019 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

This morning I attended the Court with the POA legal team and they successfully persuaded the Court to postpone that hearing until later in the year and with a longer time estimate so that there was appropriate time to prepare and present the case. The POA’s arguments include important submissions that the permanent injunction breaches the POA’s human rights and should be varied or set aside entirely.

It is entirely proper that the parties and the Court are allowed adequate time to give these serious issues attention which they deserve, and we welcome the Court’s decision.

The contempt proceedings are still proceeding and so the fight is not over. We are robustly defending our position and my statement will be presented to Government Lawyers in the near future once finalised. We are robustly defending our position and continue to call upon the Secretary of State, Robert Buckland QC MP, to continue to engage with me on this issue to reach a more productive outcome outside legal proceedings.

Mr Buckland knows my views on this issue after the National Chairman and myself met with him on 16th October 2019 in the House of Parliament. I will give the Secretary of State time to reflect on this issue and other matters that were raised on the membership’s behalf, but there is an urgent need to turn warm words into action for our members not just on Contempt of Court but PAVA, Pension Age, Pay, a proper Industrial Relations Procedural Agreement and raising the profile of POA members. I look forward to further engagement with the Secretary of State to continue the constructive dialogue that we had in order to create an environment that is successful for all.

Yours sincerely

Steve Gillan
General Secretary