POA Circulars

76 | 24.07.2019


The NEC have been made aware of an Intranet article which states that a new Incentives Policy Framework will replace PSI 30/2013, Incentives and Earned Privileges from January 2020. The new framework, it states, will allow Governors to determine locally how best to support and encourage people in their care to follow the rules and engage in rehabilitative activities such as work, education and substance misuse interventions. It also states that Governors will be able to remove privileges from those who behave poorly or refuse to engage.

Whilst the POA are not completely opposed to such a Policy Framework the NEC believe that it was still subject to consultation and there are still several concerns regarding it.

As the Policy Framework allows for individual Governors to allow different privileges it is incumbent on Local Branch Committees to enter discussions and negotiations with their Governor into how this Policy Framework will affect staffing levels, particularly in Reception Areas and Searching.

Thanks for your anticipated support.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary