POA Circulars

46 | 10.05.2019

PAVA: Operational Guidance

It has been brought to the attention of the NEC that the four PAVA pilot sites, Preston, Risley, Hull and Wealstun, have been issued with new operational guidance in the use of PAVA. Contained within this guidance are examples of when PAVA should or should not be used.

Members should be aware that this proposed guidance has not been agreed with the POA and is currently subject to a 28-day consultation period which is due to end on 31st May 2019.  We have concerns about the content of this guidance document and it is clearly subject to change once agreement has been reached.

Until further notice it is the advice of the National Executive that members should continue to use PAVA in good faith and ensure they protect themselves and third parties at all times within the confines of the law and PSO 1600.

Once the new guidance has been agreed there will be a further update.

For and on behalf of the NEC.      

Yours sincerely


Mark Fairhurst
National Chair