POA Circulars

128 | 19.11.2018



A vacancy has arisen due to the imminent retirement of an Assistant General Secretary in April 2019.

Although the vacancy is at Cronin House, full-time staff may be required to work in other locations dependent on the needs of the Union at any time.

It is the intention to have the successful candidate in post as quickly as possible but there is a thorough and vigorous process to be held to ensure the POA is getting the best possible candidate.

The process will come in various stages;

1. Applications for the post identified from full members of the POA.

2. To interview those applicants who are selected following consideration of their application form and Curriculum Vitae (CV).

3. To carry out written questions and also written essay style examination relevant to the post of Assistant General Secretary of a trade union. Written questions and examination will be set and marked by an external agency for transparency and independence.

4. A final interview to select from those who pass the examination stage.

Candidates must be full members of the POA and be able to demonstrate that they can prepare reports and correspond to a high standard. Candidates must also be able to state considered cases orally to the NEC and the membership when required. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a full working knowledge of the POA and understand both our policies and the wider trade union movement. It is essential that Candidates can deal with the media, employers and politicians.

It is recognised that periods of training throughout the working life of the successful applicant will be required. As part of their duties the successful applicant must have a good working knowledge of the following issues listed below;

  • Employment matters, Employment Tribunals, ACAS and Grievances
  • Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Industrial Relations Legislation
  • Legal Scheme England/Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Media Co-ordination
  • Private Sector/NHS/Immigrations/Prisons
  • Pensions: Civil Service Scheme and NHS Scheme
  • Whitley Process
  • TUC

The successful applicant must be competent in providing and preparing reports for the following sub headings but this is not exhaustive;

  • Annual Conference
  • NEC Meetings
  • Consultative Committees
  • Whitley Committees
  • National Trade Union Committee
  • TUC
  • European Public Service Unions
  • Cabinet Office/Private Sector/NHS
  • Parliament

The successful applicant will report to the Deputy General Secretary but ultimately the General Secretary.

The successful applicant will be recruited at a pay scale of £53,905.18 per annum plus appropriate allowances.

The successful applicant for the post will be given a defined contributory pension scheme (enclosed). Please note this is not a defined benefit scheme like the Civil Service Scheme or the NHS Scheme.

Calculated in accordance with length of service with regards to the Prison Service, NHS or POA.

Applicants should note that if successfully appointed by the NEC then they will have to resign from employment with their respective employer. Applicants should also note that mortgage facility, housing provision or housing allowance will not be provided for the successful candidate.

A car will be provided and expenses paid in accordance with the POA Finance Manual approved by Conference.

The final job description will be agreed with the successful candidate and this will include but is not exhaustive;

  • To be responsible to the Deputy General Secretary.
  • The co-ordinating of internal administration and system management.
  • Preparatory work for the National Chairman/Vice Chairman/NEC/Deputy General Secretary and General Secretary on major policy matters and initiatives.
  • Co-ordination of work on various sub committee’s and responsibility for a range of sub committees.
  • Pensions
  • Media
  • Liaising with Cabinet Office/NTUC/TUC/Parliament.

Please note the closing date for interested POA members is 12noon Friday 14th December 2018. The enclosed application form must be filled in with black ink and a full CV also enclosed. No application will be accepted after that date and time. Please either email asone@poauk.org.uk or post your application for the attention of Angela Sinclair, Senior Office Administrator at Cronin House.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary