Annual Conference 2013

74th Anniversary Annual Conference 2013


Date: 14th - 17th May 2013 inclusive
Venue: Southport Theatre and Convention Centre
The Promenade

Documents relating to the conference agenda and motions will appear here.
Please check back regularly to keep up to date with details of Conference 2013.


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Emergency Motions.pdf

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REPORTBACK documents for AC2013.pdf

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Annual Conference Verbatim Reports

Please find below the conference Verbatim Reports.


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POA ANNUAL CONFERENCE Tuesday 14 May 2013.pdf

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POA ANNUAL CONFERENCE Thursday 16 May 2013.pdf

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Videos from Conference:

POA Conference 2013 - Chairman's Opening Address

POA Conference 2013 - Rob Williams, Chairman NSSN

POA Conference 2013 - Terry Fegan, Practise Development Nurse

POA Conference 2013 - Dr Mike Smith

POA Conference 2013 - Phil Copple

POA Conference 2013 -Jeremy Wright MP, Minister for Prisons and Rehabilitation

POA Conference 2013 - Andrea Cail, General Manager, Derian House Children's Hospice

POA Conference 2013 - Ian Lavery, MP Wansbeck

POA Conference 2013 - Chairman's Closing Address

POA Conference 2013 - General Secretary Closes Conference

POA Conference 2013 - John Clinton, General Secretary POA Ireland

POA Conference 2013 - Bert Van Caelenberg, EUROFEDOP

POA Conference 2013 - John Boddington, Honorary Life Member


Annual Conference 2013 speeches

Please find below copies of the speeches from all guest speakers.

Invited Speakers

Phil Copple - Director of Public Sector Prisons.pdf

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Rob Williams - Chairman NSSN.pdf

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Ian Lavery MP Wansbeck.pdf

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Secure Hospitals AGM

Dr Mike Smith.pdf

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Terry Fegan.pdf

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Conference Charity
Fraternal Greetings

Bert van Caelenberg - EUROFEDOP.pdf

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Rob Williams - Chairman NSSN.pdf

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Updates from Conference - DAY THREE:

The National Chairman opened up Conference and advised the delegation that a number of delegates were absent due to the “sickness” that was rife in Southport.

The morning agenda consisted of motions which gave direction to the NEC.

The address by Andrea Cail from Derian House Hospice was well received and the generosity of the POA would help their work.

The NEC held an impromptu meeting to discuss the Special Delegates Conference agenda and timeline to deal with the issue.

In the afternoon John Clinton gave fraternal greetings to the POA and set out the work he had undertook within Europe.

Bert VanCalenberg addressed conference and set the achievement of Eurofedop and Europe in general.

John Boddington MBE, Honorary Life Member addressed conference on behalf of the Honorary Life Members. Johns address succinct and as always delivered in a professional manner, well done John.

The National Chairman invited delegates from the closed prisons to address annual conference. The speeches were emotional heartfelt and outlined what a true family the POA is.

Ralph Valerio moved the standing orders report and Andy Darken Deputy General Secretary took up post, whilst Mark Freeman outgoing Deputy General Secretary concluded his employment with the POA.

Following the conclusion of conference motions the National Chairman and General Secretary gave their closing g speeches, setting out the way forward and recognising the support of everyone involved in conference.

The Irish night was as always a success with over £1000 being raised by delegates.

Updates from Conference - DAY TWO:

The General Secretary chaired the AGM of the Special Hospital AGM.

Motion 65 was well received and carried by the delegates. The survey produced by the committee at Ashworth was promulgated to all delegates as part of the campaign in respect of violence in the workplace.

Emergency Motion 3 (65a) applauded the work of the NEC in achieving observer status on the NHS staff Side Council, a victory which has been long overdue. The work of the POA General Secretary in progressing this issue was instrumental in the outcome. However, this victory is only partial and the work has to continue.

The Motions in respect of Health & Safety were fully debated by the delegates. The issues covered included second hand smoke, violence, green energy, welfare of staff and representation of workers. Once again the level of serious violence against staff was the topic of all too many delegates.

Motion 17 called on the NEC to engage with NOMS to ensure senior management are subject to benchmarking in line with the private sector model. The Durham delegate set out their benchmark which was seven senior managers. Is this the way forward?

Motion 18 looked at the benchmark level for nights in Cat B locals and the content of the debate set out a very worrying picture which NOMS and the Government need to address.

Phil Copple addressed Annual Conference and gave a comprehensive report to delegates on the way forward under benchmarking and new ways of working. His announcement to remove the 18 staff in the Northwest from the outsourcing process and TUPE was well received.

The Toe by Toe, Cronin Clasps and Mabel Hempton Awards were presented to Conference, the recipients were:

Toe by Toe – HMP Hull

Graham Bacon
Simon Willingham
Marisa Mason (who was unfortunately unable to attend)

Mabel Hempton Awards – HMP Shotts

Colin White
Jane Baker
Gary Robertson

Cronin Clasps

Brian Clarke – HMP Birmingham
Graham Dale – HMP Cardiff
Jon Watts – HMP Winchester

Unfortunately Jon Watts was unable to attend Annual Conference.

Staff from HMP Shotts received the Mabel Hempton Award for bravery from the General Secretary. Steve outlined the circumstances which resulted in the 3 staff being nominated.

The National Chairman Cronin Clasps on behalf of the POA.

In the afternoon the Prisons Minister, Jeremy Wright, addressed Conference and responded to some questions from Delegates.

The National Chairman responded to the Ministers address and this is worth a read when the verbatim is produced.

The afternoon ended with the Delegates rejecting the NEC Emergency Motion, not to submit and respond to the PSPRB in 2013/2014.

A number of fringe meetings took place and were all well attended.

Updates from Conference - DAY ONE:

The opening of Conference by the Mayor of Sefton Maureen Fearn was a light hearted affair which raised a smile on many a delegate.

The adoption of standing orders and appeals by branches in respect of emergency motions resulted in some heated exchanges.

The appeal in respect of Conduct Case 136 was compressed into a single appeal rather than the 28 as published. Following a lengthy debate Conference determined to ratify the decision of the Conduct Committee and ban the seven NEC members from local and or national office for 5 years.

Following lunch the National Chairman addressed Conference. A number of branches left the Conference hall during the address.

Pete Chapple, Finance Officer gave a full report on the union’s accounts and responded to a number of questions from branches.

The AGM of the POAs Welfare Fund occurred and delegates advised of income and donations given to members. The Ex General Secretary and Honorary Life Member David Evans chaired the AGM.

Rob Williams Chair of the NSSN addressed Conference and pledged his support to the POA. He placed on record his thanks to the POA for motion 5 of the TUC Conference. Rob raised a number of issues during his address to Conference.

Motions 75, 74 and 73 were moved to motion (1) – (1a) and (1b).

Motion 75 Camp Hill called for a vote of confidence in the National Chairman PJ McParlin. The motion was carried following a debate.

Motion 73 called for the National Chairman to explain to Conference why he had not responded to the vote of confidence from Liverpool on the 18th October 2012 which fell.

Motion 74 Liverpool called for the National Chairman to resign and condemn him for his lack of response to prison closures. The motion was debated and Lost.


Conference awarded Honorary Life Membership to David Turner Pentonville, Mark Freeman DGS, Brian McHale Swinfen Hall and Ian Lavery MP. A number of passionate speeches were made and as usual many an anecdote made.

The motion seeking Honorary Life Membership for Tom Robson was debated and following a card vote the motion was Lost.

Emergency Motion 5b was fully debated and Lost.

The debates on pensions under Motions 6 and 7 were lack lustre to say the least but, the moving branch set out the issues concisely and Joe Simpson responded succinctly. 

Speakers announced to date:

Jeremy Wright MP - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice

Phil Copple – Director of Public Sector Prisons

Rob Williams – National Chair NSSN

Ian Lavery MP

Jenny Chapman MP


Annual Conference 2013 – Charities announced

Derian House Children’s Hospice

Haven House Children’s Hospice.



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