Annual Conference 2011

72nd Anniversary Annual Conference 2011


Date: 10th - 13th May 2011 inclusive
Venue: Southport Theatre and Convention Centre
The Promenade


Documents relating to the conference agenda and motions will appear here.
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POA Conference 2011 Quotes and Videos 

Colin Moses

"I would like to first welcome our press colleagues who are here, I would like to welcome the Scottish National Committee who are in attendance and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and I'm sure conference will join with me in congratulating Mr Phil Fairlie who at the end of this conference is to take over as Chairman in Scotland.  Congratulations Phil on your election.  "

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"National Chairman opens Conference" 

Pete Chapple

"I am pleased to report that I am confident that the association's finances are still on a very sound footing but we must not become complacent colleagues."

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"Finance Officer sets out agenda for the future"

Steve Gillan

"Let's put the blame for this where it really belongs at:  Kenneth Clarke's door.  We've got a Justice Secretary who very rarely speaks up on behalf of public sector workers specifically in his remit of prisons.  He doesn't care about public sector prison officers and he doesn't care about public sector probation and the reality is this vote of no confidence could have actually been in Clarke and Blunt."

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"POA attack Secretary of State"


Matt Wrack , General Secretary FBU addresses annual conference.

"But now we also face very similar attacks as people working in public services.  The cuts and austerity measures that we're facing are on an unprecedented level and if you look at them across the board, we're facing horrendous onslaughts on our living standards, on our job security, on the future for ourselves, for our young people and for our elderly.  Our jobs, our pay are under attack, our pensions are under attack, we face outrageously in the Prison Service and now in the fire and rescue service, the threat of privatisation;  the idea that these key public services should be opened up to profit seekers is an absolute and utter disgrace.  These are really unprecedented attacks."

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"Public services under attack"


MARK SERWOTKA, General Secretary PCS

"My close working relationship with Steve and the close working relationship between our unions has already, I think, paid real dividends, because when the government was robbing your members of their redundancy rights, rights that they were given when they signed up to work in the prisons, when the government robbed people of their entitlement to make it cheaper to sack them and make them redundant, some unions were found wanting."

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"POA and PCS working together to fight injustice"



"Of course as trade unionists we have our own sectorial problems to deal with. I noticed in March this year the committees of experts of the International Labour Organisation found that the British government had failed to provide adequate compensatory mechanisms to compensate prison officers for denying them the right to strike. And here's the bit I can't get, and this applies to this government and of course it applies to the previous Labour government: how can it be right to retain trade union rights to GCHQ, which protects our internal and national security, and not give that same right to the people that protect this society and provide the security? So we say in the CWU, the right to strike is a fundamental right and it applies to everybody regardless, and that includes prison officers and that's why we stand shoulder to shoulder with you in seeking to obtain that right."

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"Government need to look at ILO recommendation"



"On top of that, taking away the fair deal on pensions. The fair deal which allows you to take your pension with you, all of your pension rights with you, if you are privatised. The consultation period ends 13 June and the government has indicated that they want to see that abolished to make it easier for private companies to meet the pay bill as they come in to take over our public services. And I want to make it clear on this rostrum that as this coalition moved to take away our pension schemes, we are gearing up the whole of our union to take industrial action in the autumn."

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"Unions must unite to protect pensions".



"all the NEC members over the last six years, you should be proud of them. Proud of them, because what they've been able to do is working with you, mobilise for the first time a voice in Parliament that reflects the rank and file of our members. We've been able to go along to MPs, brief them on what's happening on the ground. No MP now, and no minister and no opposition spokesperson, has the excuse of talking in ignorance about what's happening in our prisons."

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"Unions engage with MPs"


SALLY HUNT, general secretary , UCU

"What I saw on my way up yesterday, I came from Westminster, were people in wheelchairs, people who were blind, people who have MS, people who have life threatening illnesses, driven to have to march outside Westminster and parliament to make their case."

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MPs listen and react to demonstrations



"Comrades, sisters, brothers, just last month in this very hall, my Union's conference met and passed motions condemning the ideological onslaught of privatisation, of cuts and of attacks on workers' rights and committing us to stand alongside our sister unions in fighting those attacks.

In just the three weeks since that conference met, we've witnessed the moves towards privatisation of prisons"

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Motions condemning the ideological onslaught of privatisation.


PJ McParlin National Chairman elect

"We are a democratic Trade Union and we'll remain a democratic Trade Union and we've got to be big enough and ugly enough to take that on the chin when it happens. And when people come up here to the rostrum and raise critical assertions or issues about our Trade Union, I thank them for coming up to that rostrum, constructive criticism preferred."

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"What the future holds"


Annual Conference 2011 Documents: