68 is too late! Too long to work, too late to retire

The POA's Pension Briefing for MP's at the 2nd reading of pension bill

People recognise the courageous work of our armed forces, police and fire and rescue service unfortunately the work of prison officer’s does not receive the same recognition. The Rt. Hon Alan Beith MP in the report on the role of a prison officer, stated “prison officers deal with some of the most dangerous, disruptive and dysfunctional people in society.” The POA firmly believe that the Governments pension proposals for frontline prison staff to work past 65 are totally unacceptable, unjustified and does not take this into account.

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POA National Campaign to Defend Jobs, Pay and Pensions

Join others in sending a message to David Cameron that 68 is too late. Visit www.68istolate.org.uk to learn more.

Help Protest and protect yourself
Willie Carle, SNC

I, like you, have been frustrated and left feeling angry with the way we have been treated over the pension issues and the disappointing return of the numbers who participated in the ballot. All too often when I have been going round talking to members of this union I have been asked why should we protest? Nothing will change; we are already paying and will have to work to 68...

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Pension update

Please find the details below on the final proposals for a new pension scheme from 2015.

Please visit the following link to watch a video with case studies and an overview of the proposals are available as attachments below.


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POA New Pension Scheme.pdf

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Civil Service Pensions Reform.pdf

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POA Circular 67-2012 pension ballot.pdf

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10/5/2012 Prison officers walk out in protest at pension age increase

Prison Officers across England, Wales and Scotland are holding protest meetings against Coalition Government plans to link the normal pension age to the state pension age.

Protest action has been sanctioned by the National Executive Committee commencing at 07.00 hours, until the Executive direct otherwise.  Branch Officials up and down the country have been briefed to ensure that minimum cover arrangements are in place to ensure prisoner safety.

Steve Gillan, General Secretary of the POA stated:

“The POA has submitted a case to Government to support our view that it is unrealistic for Prison Officers to be automatically linked to the state pension age, which will ultimately rise to 68 years of age.  Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears and Prison Officers have no other option but to protest to gain public attention”.

The POA stress this protest is against the Coalition Government and not the employer.

P J McParlin, National Chairman of the POA stated:

“We are an essential uniformed service in a volatile operational workplace. A pension age of 68 is unacceptable to this trade union.  We will protect our pensions.  We have a right to retire from service not to die in service”.


POA union General Secretary, Steve Gillan on possible strike action


Littlehey members attending Protest Meeting on 30th June

Ralph Valerio – POA NEC addresses meeting at HMIRC Dover alongside PCS colleagues

The 30th of June paid witness to the beginning of the great Trade Union struggle to protect civil service pensions in our country. It is my belief that we are living through a landmark point in European and global history, and whatever the outcome, the futures of generations to come will be defined by it. We the POA have a duty to try and influence and shape that future for the better.

I attended a PCS rally in Dover along with colleagues from HMIRC Dover and during which I had the privilege of sharing the stage with fellow NEC members from PCS, UNITE and USDAW. It was a clear indication to the one hundred or so who attended, that there truly is a solidarity from all Trade Unions in the defence of our pensions.

As you may be aware, the POA NEC have launched a ballot that simply requires a YES or NO answer. I strongly urge you to cast your vote according to your beliefs, we need as strong a mandate from you the membership as possible in order to empower the POA to take affirmative action towards protecting what is already rightfully yours.

Rest assured, if you vote accordingly, the next few months will be torrid and sacrifices may have to be made. However, please ask yourself one question . . .

If you do nothing, what can you expect in return ?

Ralph Valerio NEC


Industrial Action/Protest Meetings

The POA would like to thank all those members who engaged in the protest meetings on Thursday 30th June in respect of the attacks on public sector pensions.

The workplace ballot in accordance with Emergency Motion 75a has commenced and we urge every member to use their vote.

Some unions called a national strike on 30th June and the POA would like to pay tribute to those union activists who demonstrated their anger at the Government’s arrogant and dogmatic approach to change.

“Unity is Strength” and the campaign and fight continues.

Do not give up hope; we are turning the heads of the general public and we may well achieve our aim to protect public pensions.


The National Executive Committee has decided to call a Protest Meeting on 30th June 2011 at each establishment throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The meeting should be called outside the establishment at lunchtime.  This Protest Meeting is to demonstrate our opposition to the changes to our terms and conditions with regard to pensions.

The Executive would encourage every member to participate in this Protest Meeting.

There may be Industrial Action/Strike Action by other Unions on the 30th June 2011 - POA members should only do their contracted duties in accordance with their terms and conditions of employment on 30th June 2011.  POA members should also offer support to any lawful pickets by other Unions and the Executive would remind members that they do not need to enter the establishment until their official start times.

Watch Steve Gillan, POA General Secretary talk about these issues


Download and display these posters below:


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