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Ralph Valerio, National Vice Chairman - POA wins best feature award

Ralph Valerio, National Vice Chairman - POA Political Campaign, Update April 2014

Joe Simpson, Assistant Secretary: 25/4/14 - Political Strategy, Pensions, Smoking Campaign Update

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Glyn Travis, Assistant Secretary: 22/4/14 - Changes to the Legal System

Steve Gillan, General Secretary, 31st March 2014

Ralph Valerio, 30th January 2014

Steve Gillan, 19th December 2013

Joe Simpson, 25th September 2013 - Smoking in Prisons

PJ McParlin, National Chairman: 17/4/13 - Facility Time & Benchmarking

Glyn Travis, Assistant Secretary: 17/4/13 - POA Legal Service

Steve Gillan, General Secretary: 6/2/13 - SDC, Prison Closures, Parliamentary drop in

Joe Simpson, Assistant Secretary - 5th October 2012

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