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02 Oct 2012

Raise your Banners for a Future that works in George Square on 20th October

The labour movement will return triumphantly to George Square on October 20th. Following protracted negotiations and helpful interventions from elected councillors we are now able to say with confidence that George Square will not be considered a no-go zone for peaceful protest in the future.

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15 Jun 2012

Report from POA Scotland

National Chairman of POA Scotland, Phil Fairlie, reports on his first year in office.

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24 Apr 2012

Scottish Newsletter: April 2012

Record high numbers in our gaols, HMP Low Moss, Baton replacement, STUC Conference 2012, HMP Grampian.

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10 Apr 2012

Bankers' Pay and Bonuses

A national disgrace? You decide! This wouldn’t be allowed to happen in the public service...or would it?

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08 Jul 2011

A personal account of The Fire Fighters Charity at Penrith

I was involved in an accident which caused my injuries. The diagnosis was most probably internal bruising, but as the injury worsened over the months it was suggested that I go for physiotherapy.

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29 Apr 2011

Scottish National Chairman

You will be aware by now that I am standing down from the position of Scottish National Chairman after the Annual Conference in May this year. I have to say that despite the significant difficulties faced by the Union over the years and decisions that have had to be made, the decision to stand down as Chairman has, in many ways, been the most difficult.

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26 Apr 2011

The Greatest Robbery in British History

Colleagues, contrary to what those in power would have you believe; that we are all in
this together and that we must all make sacrifices so that you’ll give up your pensions,
cut your wages and settle for a life of debt and despair - the United Kingdom is not
broke. Not by a long way.

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18 Apr 2011

HMP Noranside Update

Colleagues, In our last musings we told you how we had just been informed of the SPS intention to close HMP Noranside. The following is an update on this position.

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12 Apr 2011

Commision on the Future Delivery of Public Services in Scotland

It was my privilege to be invited to give a presentation on behalf of the POA(S) to the Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services in Scotland.

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12 Apr 2011

SNC sets out concerns in respect of budget cuts

The POA in Scotland was asked for a submission regarding the Scottish Government’s drafts Budget announcements. here we reproduce the letter from Andy Hogg, to Ms Anne Peat of the Justice Committee.

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