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Scottish Pay Round 2019/2020


The POA, along with the sister unions of the Civil Service, have met with the Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Finance and Fairwork to express our disappointment and anger of the members over the lack of an y measures to begin the restoration of years of lost salary. Over the last year POA(S) have expressed the need for Pay Policy, to not only provide an uplift in salary that prevents any further erosion of pay but builds in a percentage increase beyond this to address lost salary and begin the journey to restoring pay to equivalent pre-austerity levels.

Given that Scotland has a minority Government which relies on the support of other parties to move legislation through parliament, the focus has been on influencing where we can those in opposition that can exert some pressure over the Scottish Budget. With this in mind the POA have recently met with Scottish Parliament Labour Trade Union Group, SNP Trade Union Group and the leadership of the Scottish Greens, taking the opportunity to raise the pay issue an d other matters that face our member s in general, in particular the age of retirement for a prison officer. The SNC are currently engaged with the Scottish Prison Service in discussing pay with the commitment to ballot the membership on the outcome of those discussions.

Andy Hogg
Assistant General Secretary