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Circular: Pay Outcome

I am writing to inform you of the outcome of our representations to SPS in respect of the pay round 2013-2014 covering the main staff group and why as in the past two years you will not be balloted on the outcome.

Despite the welcome removal of the freeze on pay, your pay negotiators nonetheless have had to conduct their discussions in the context of the financial constraints contained within the Scottish Governments pay policy which places a 1% cap on the cost of an increase in basic pay for those earning between £21k and £80k effective in this pay round.

Despite the difficult environment, negotiators from both the POA(S) and sister unions of the TUS continue to submit a pay claim on your behalf and raise the unacceptability of the Scottish Government pay policy and the adverse effect applying such has upon the members we represent. We continue to make clear to the SPS that the current arrangements do little to address the pay cut that the majority of our members have had to endure and this outcome will not address the impact of the increasing demands placed upon our member’s disposable income.

Nonetheless we are satisfied that all sums available to the SPS have been utilised and distributed in a fair and reasonable manner.

Unfortunately progress being made in respect of pay restructuring could not be achieved at this time without having a significant impact on the 1% available and it was agreed to set this aside for the time being in order to maximise the amount available for salary scale points.

However some progress was made in addressing the lowest paid in the organisation and it was possible to achieve an increase from a minimum underpin below £21k of £250 to £300 and residual money being applied to C band maximum increasing their salary by slightly more than 1%.

Progression across the scale points for those who are eligible will continue. However staff who receive a ‘Does not meet expectations’ rating under PPMS or who are on Mark Time Pay Protection will not be eligible for pay progression or for the £300 minimum increase for staff earning less than £21,000.

On this basis the main features of the SPS’s 2013 Pay Outcome are:

  • a pay increase of £300 on all salary points less than £21,000;
  • a pay increase of £245 on the Band C maximum;
  • a 1% increase on all salary points between £21,000 and £80,000, with the exception of the Band C maximum;
  • Pay progression for those who are eligible.

As in previous years we have communicated to SPS that as the outcome is not one we can accept through agreement and recognising that SPS are not in a position to consider an outcome that goes beyond the remit received from the Scottish Government, POA(S) have little choice but to note the outcome and seek implementation in the October pay run.

Yours sincerely


Assistant General Secretary