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Trades Union Congress
With member unions representing over six and a half million working people, The TUC campaigns for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad

Brought to you by the TUC, WorkSmart is available to help today's working people get the best out of the world of work.
A TUC-run network for shop stewards and other union representatives with discussion boards, courses and events and email newsletter.

Thompsons supports the work of trade unions in the workplace.

HSE's job is to protect people against risks to health or safety arising out of work activities.

The Civil Service Appeal Board (CSAB)  was established to hear appeals by civil servants against dismissal and premature retirement.

ACAS is an organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes.

Equality and Human Rights Commission
Independent statutory body established to help eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality, protect human rights and to build good relations.

POA Learning
POA Learning has been established for five years providing quality learning training and development opportunities across the sector.

Aims to help unions encourage lifelong learning among members.

TUC Training Courses
Access the various courses provided by the TUC Unionlearn within regions

Prisons and Probation Ombudsman

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