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POA Press Releases

125 18 May 2016


The POA today cautiously welcomes the announcement from the Secretary of State for Justice on Prison Reform.

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124 06 May 2016

Health and safety concerns at wormwood scrubs

POA members at Wormwood Scrubs have individually chosen not to enter in to the Prison today as they have fears for their Health and Safety.

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123 28 Apr 2016

POA are NOT surprised at Latest Prison Statistics

The latest Safety in Custody statistics published by the Ministry of Justice provides further evidence that the state of our prisons has descended further into crisis.

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PR 122 04 Mar 2016

POA condemn cowardly attack in Northern Ireland

The POA leadership have condemned a cowardly and disgraceful attack on a Prison Officer in Northern Ireland.

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PR 121 29 Jan 2016


Following the publication of the latest safer in custody statistics, which provide further evidence of a dysfunctional prison service in acute crisis, the POA have reinforced its advice to members to protect themselves in the workplace.

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PR 120 18 Jan 2016

POA launch application for a Judicial Review into Smoking in Prisons

The POA sent a pre action protocol letter to NOMS on the 24th December 2015 as part of the Judicial Review process regarding major concerns over health issues on continued smoking in prisons. Having now had the response from Treasury Solicitors the Union do not believe that a smoking ban will ever be implemented to protect the Health and Safety of both Staff and Prisoners from the damaging effects of second hand smoke.

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PR 119 07 Jan 2016


The POA condemn the press statement from NOMS which states: “The research is out of date‘.”

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PR 118 25 Nov 2015


Leaders of the POA have today expressed serious concerns following the announcement to close Holloway.

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PR 117 23 Nov 2015


In advance of the Spending Review and given the heightened security situation following the atrocity in Paris, the POA call upon the Government to recognise the role of prison officers in the essential protection of the public.

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PR 116 12 Nov 2015

Michael Gove Offensive To Prison Officers

Michael Gove the Secretary of State for Justice has clearly learnt nothing from his time as Education Secretary.

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