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POA Press Releases

191 19 Oct 2018

POA Wins right to trial over negotiation dispute

The POA today agreed a deal with their Employer which forced plans for an imposition of new job roles to be placed on hold pending an expedited trial.

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190 13 Oct 2018


Leaders of the POA are waiting to see if HMPPS carry out their threat to take further legal action through the courts to support the management of HMP Lindholme as they continue to bully, intimidate and threaten members of the Union.

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189 12 Oct 2018

HMP Lindholme

The latest problems at HMP Lindholme continue as staff face a daily battle to maintain order and discipline.

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188 09 Oct 2018

POA welcomes the roll out of PAVA spray

The POA have today welcomed the announcement by Prisons Minister Rory Stewart that PAVA incapacitant spray will be issued to all Prison Officers in the closed male estate from January 2019.

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187 08 Oct 2018


The National Chair of the POA has again questioned the safety of prisons as concerted acts of indiscipline, violence, hostage taking, and deaths continue to plague the Service.

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186 01 Oct 2018

Prisons in crisis

Following the concerted indiscipline at Long Lartin High Security Prison on Sunday 30th September 2018, Leaders of the POA again highlight the problems within prisons in England & Wales as chronic staff shortages, unrest amongst the prison population fuelled by the use of drugs, increase in violence and high levels of debt, all add to the daily problems of maintaining stability in our prisons.

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185 01 Oct 2018

Riot at Long Lartin

The weekends disturbance at HMP Long Lartin further vindicates the POA stance that our prisons continue to lurch from crisis to crisis and prison staff need the protective measures to quell the unprecedented levels of violence they face.

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184 26 Sep 2018

The State of your prisons is still not improving

The latest problems within prisons in England & Wales is not improving. Richard Burgon Shadow Secretary of State for Justice recently set out a five-point plan to address drugs and violence in prisons which he has called on the Government to deliver.

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183 17 Sep 2018


Following the protest action by members of the POA last Friday across all prisons in England and Wales, HMP Bedford was forced to reduce the regime and call in NTRG to quell another act of concerted indiscipline over the weekend.

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182 14 Sep 2018


Following meaningful engagement with the Minister Rory Stewart and a commitment to instruct the Employer to meet the POA and agree a plan of action to address the concerns of the Union, the POA has instructed members to return to work.

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