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POA Press Releases

PR 77 22 Nov 2013

POA welcome prisons remaining in public sector

The POA have welcomed a decision announced today by the Secretary of State Chris Grayling that Serco will not be awarded the contract for HMP Hatfield, HMP Lindholme and HMP Moorland and that they will be remaining in the public sector.

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PR 76 04 Nov 2013

HMP Maidstone

Following the incident of Concerted Indiscipline at HMP Maidstone, the POA will fully cooperate with the investigation that will follow the deployment of NTRG teams and the opening of gold command.

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PR 75 17 Oct 2013

Prison Service in Crisis and Dangerous

The POA believe the Prison Service is in crisis due to the Prison Closure programme and budget cuts along with an increase to the prison population.

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PR 74 11 Oct 2013

Prison Population increases to 84,832

The POA are becoming increasingly concerned at the increase in the prison population. Today’s population stands at 84,832 which represents another increase of 205 from this time last week, indeed the last three weeks has seen the population increase by 635. This is a new record for 2013.

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PR 73 08 Oct 2013

200 jobs to go at privatised HMP Northumberland

The announcement that 200 jobs will go at HMP Northumberland will place private profit before public safety say the POA.

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PR 72 08 Oct 2013

Prisons are full say POA

The Prison population in England and Wales is 84,627, the highest recorded level in 2013. There are now 1,678 places available as the Coalition Government decide to end early release for prisoners convicted of certain offences.

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PR 71 26 Sep 2013

POA and PCS meet with Carwyn Jones AM First Minister of Wales

The National Chairman of the POA PJ McParlin together with senior representatives of the PCS met with Carwyn Jones AM First Minister of Wales on Wednesday 25th September.

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PR 70 20 Sep 2013

Smoking in prisons

The POA have welcomed the announcement by the Ministry of Justice that they intend to introduce a smoke free workplace in prisons in England and Wales by 2015.

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PR 69 10 Sep 2013

Contracting out of public services: POA call for independent public inquiry

The Coalition Government has pushed the Privatisation Agenda within the Criminal Justice System without demonstrating the true cost or alleged savings of the policy. In May the Government announced its Transforming Rehabilitation Agenda which includes outsourcing 70% of the work of the Probation Service.

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PR 68 09 Sep 2013

POA Support Call for a General Strike

The National Shop Stewards Network organised a meeting and demonstration in protest over the Governments attacks on pay, pensions, rights and conditions and the unprecedented use and abuse of Zero Hours contracts, as the TUC prepared for its Annual Congress at the Bournemouth International Centre.

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