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199 01 Apr 2019


The POA today stated the announcement that HMP Birmingham will be returned to the public sector is a major success for the Union.

HMP Birmingham was privatised in 2011 with a 15 year contract being awarded to G4S. Today, the Government announced that it would remain in public sector ownership permanently, after the contract with G4S was ended and the prison handed back to the public sector.

National Chair of the POA, Mark Fairhurst commented:

The announcement today that HMP Birmingham is to be returned where it rightfully belongs, within the public sector prison service, heralds a success for the POA and its membership. We have campaigned tirelessly since it was wrongly privatised in 2011 to have it returned to the state. The more recent events enabled us to pressurise the Government into making what is undoubtedly the correct decision for staff, prisoners and the tax payer. The obsession this Tory Government has to outsource and privatise public sector work must cease. It is obvious that when you put profits above safety you sow the seeds of disorder, mismanagement, cover ups and misery. We now urge the Government to listen  to the POA and abandon its mixed market dogma by ensuring all new builds remain in the public sector which ensures safety, order, control, rehabilitation and accountability. We look forward to welcoming our members at HMP Birmingham back into the public sector.


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