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195 21 Feb 2019


Today Prison Officers have refused to enter HMP Liverpool following the “unjust sacking” of a longstanding Prison Officer of 26 years, despite being cleared of any wrongdoing by the Police after a full investigation.

Staff at Liverpool fear for their personal safety and local management refuse to provide them with any assurances.

Leaders of the POA said;

“Prison Officers face ever-increasing levels of violence, due to the unprecedented levels of drugs and debt within the prison population and Liverpool is a high-risk prison.

Prison Officers are taught to use Control and Restraint (C&R) to manage the prison population. As part of the training they are taught to use a pre-emptive strike if they feel their personal safety, that of a colleague or a prisoner is at risk.

The Officer used this approved method and was unjustly sacked.

Prison Officers now fear they will lose their jobs if they use force and will often allow prisoners to assault them rather than risk their employment.”




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