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190 13 Oct 2018


Leaders of the POA are waiting to see if HMPPS carry out their threat to take further legal action through the courts to support the management of HMP Lindholme as they continue to bully, intimidate and threaten members of the Union.

The injunction prevents the Union from advising members to take any form of action. 

The POAs argument is not with the courts, and our intention would be not to disrespect the court. Health and Safety legislation directs that every worker has a responsibility under that legislation to protect themselves and others from danger and risk.

The regulations in respect of Section 127 is dated, unfair and needs to be repealed in order to restore Prison Officers basic human rights.

Lindholme management are ordering staff to work in dangerous and unsafe conditions because of the restrictions of the injunction preventing workers from following primary legislation.

Following months of unrest, violence drug abuse and an epidemic of debt amongst the prison population all overseen by the current Governor, staff and prisoners live in fear.
The real crime is that the governor has been totally supported by his bosses. 

Lindholme is in crisis and a dangerous place to work and live.

The systematic failure has been challenged by the staff but, nothing changes as they are forced to put themselves, their colleagues, prisoners and the public at risk. The management ignore their human rights, force them to run unsafe regimes and put people’s lives at risk.



The Minister Rory Stewart put Lindholme in his ten-prison pilot, when he announced he would resign if these prisons did not improve.

Local management sit in silence as staff and prisoners are assaulted daily. The senior management of HMPPS make agreements and break these to cover up management failures.

Every worker has rights and the courts are being used by the government to take away POA members rights. 

The POA simply ask for a safe place for members to work. For their concerns to be listened to and for all staff to be respected and treated with dignity at work.

Steve Gillan General Secretary and Mark Fairhurst National Chair of the POA said, 
“This Union will sit down and negotiate but we will not sell our members health and safety.

Recently we entered a joint agreement to address safety in prisons at the bequest of the Minister. This work is ongoing but when governors are allowed to undermine safety, all the agreements in the world will fail.

We now ask the Minister to question why his managers are ignoring legitimate health & safety concerns, allowing his governors to ignore policy, putting lives at risk and his future, rather than going back to the basics of safety, security and control”.


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