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189 12 Oct 2018

HMP Lindholme

The latest problems at HMP Lindholme continue as staff face a daily battle to maintain order and discipline.

The latest prison ratings have identified Lindholme as one the lowest rating in the system.

On the 11th of October two officers were assaulted, one was strangled to the point of unconsciousness but, no one in management seem to care or be concerned. Despite the seriousness of these unprovoked assaults the prisoners had to be put back in their own cells as the segregation unit was full, emphasising the problems at Lindholme.

This incident follows a number of serious assaults and despite the concerns raised by staff and local POA, the Governor demands a full regime placing staff and prisoners at risk.

The volume of unauthorised articles going into Lindholme must be a cause for concern, but no one seems to be worried despite the high levels of debt amongst the prison population and use of NPS.

Similar problems have occurred at Lindholme and many other prisons this year, some resulting in the Chief Inspector of Prisons issuing Urgent Notifications for improvements. In the latest prison ratings there are 50% of prisons that raise concerns or serious concerns.

Staff at Lindholme genuinely feared for their safety this morning and refused to enter the prison until safety assurances and plans were put in place.

Mark Fairhurst National Chair of the POA said,

“I had to call HMPPS Chief Operating Officer Phil Copple this morning to ensure my members had a safe place to work. While I was doing this the Governor was ordering staff to commence a full unlock. Thankfully following interventions from senior management discussions are ongoing to ensure Lindholme can operate safely.”

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA said,

“The Government and HMPPS must listen to staff and accept that our prisons are in crisis. The latest prison ratings prove that the concerns the POA has consistently raised are not being addressed.

We have called for a back to basic approach to ensure security, safety and control are the priority of the Service.

Unfortunately, local management are being given the licence to do as they see fit and this often leads to unrest, violence and disorder. Things have to change.”


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