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187 08 Oct 2018


The National Chair of the POA has again questioned the safety of prisons as concerted acts of indiscipline, violence, hostage taking, and deaths continue to plague the Service.

The Government and Heads of HMPPS remain under pressure.

Last week’s data from prisons in England and Wales does not make good reading and the number of incidents in the private sector is becoming a particularly worrying trend.

The PGA hold their Annual Conference this week and it will be interesting to see how they react to the crisis and state of prisons.

In the past 5 days there were 31 Prisoner on prisoner assaults, many involving homemade weapons, 14 prisoners were escorted to local hospitals placing increasing pressure on an overstretched NHS. In the same period 10 members of staff were the victim of unprovoked assaults four of whom had to attend A&E for treatment. 12 of the 41 reported assaults were sexual, two of these against members of staff.

There were 6 reported deaths in custody and a significant number of prisoner self-harm incidents reported. In addition, there were 25 reported incidents at height, incidents stretching the prison system to breaking point.


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