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185 01 Oct 2018

Riot at Long Lartin

The weekends disturbance at HMP Long Lartin further vindicates the POA stance that our prisons continue to lurch from crisis to crisis and prison staff need the protective measures to quell the unprecedented levels of violence they face. The riot started after unlock on Sunday morning, resulting in the loss of F wing and six Prison Officers requiring hospital treatment due to being attacked by violent prisoners. Early reports highlight that two staff received facial injuries, one member of staff had a suspected fractured arm whilst the other three are being treated for head injuries.

Brave Prison Officers restored control later in the afternoon and there will be transfers out of Long Lartin throughout today. It is unclear if any accommodation has been lost.

National Chair Mark Fairhurst commented;

“My thoughts are with the injured staff who should be able to perform their duties without the fear of being assaulted. This incident yet again highlights the intolerable working conditions POA members endure in the most violent and hostile workplace in western Europe. We need staffing levels restored to pre-austerity levels, the protective measures in place to quell violence and an investment in our prisons that ensures decent living and working conditions. Once again, it was brave Prison staff that responded and restored order. Expecting prison officers to work in this environment until they are 68 is unrealistic and must be addressed. We now expect that the judiciary react and ensure the full weight of the law is afforded to the perpetrators.”


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