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179 10 Sep 2018


Trade Unions debated and unanimously supported calls to improve prison safety, reduce violence and stop the continued privatisation of the prison estate at the 150th TUC Congress in Manchester.

The unprecedented levels of violence, use of drugs (NPS) and the failure of the Government and Employer to address these issues was the subject of some emotional debates.

The rise in violence against staff in prisons was laid firmly at the feet of Government and HMPPS. Delegates demanded safe workplaces, condemned Ministers and officials for their drive to save money during the last eight years of austerity with little thought to the consequences of their actions.

The growth and failure of privatisation in Prisons, Healthcare, Public Services, Energy and the Royal Mail were all discussed. The real hidden cost to the tax payer must be unearthed as privateers line the pockets of shareholders.

Congress supported the call for the TUC General Council to campaign for an Independent Inquiry into privatisation to stop the race to the bottom.

Leaders of the POA said, we welcome the decision of Congress today. The POA has been campaigning against privatisation highlighting these problems since 1992, the public deserve answers.

We consistently raise the problems in our prisons as the unprecedented levels of violence continue to rise. The volume of drugs (NPS) within prisons is at epidemic levels and as a result debt and violence amongst the prison population is out of control.

It was not all doom and gloom for the government as delegates welcomed the introduction of legislation to protect the protector.



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