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175 30 Jul 2018


Another failed privatisation concept is to cost the Tax Payer £170 million pounds on top of £25 billion already spent on the privatisation of the Probation Service.

The failure of Carillion costs the Tax Payer more than £100 million and still the Government, Ministry of Justice and HMPPS Board are set to hand out further private contracts to run 10,000 new prison places. As they press ahead with the mixed economy of private as opposed to public ownership these decisions come on the back of another set of damning statistics, identifying Prisons in chaos. More and more violence, more drugs more mobile phones and more failure. A failure that the Government continue to reward.

Leaders of the POA now call for a full Independent Public Inquiry into the state of our Prisons and the waste of Tax Payer’s money on the Governments ideology of Privatisation.


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