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174 27 Jul 2018


POA will protect their workforce

The latest safety in custody statistics are a damning indictment of HMPPS failure to protect its staff and POA members from assaults in the workplace.

Each and every day more than 24 Prison Officers are assaulted at work with an 11% increase in serious assaults that cause life changing injuries.

National Chair Mark Fairhurst commented;

“We remain committed to working with the Employer to ensure violence in our workplace is eradicated but must insist that the protective measures we fought for are rolled out without delay. PAVA spray, rigid cuffs and adequate staffing levels that provide predictable regimes will all contribute towards improving safety. We will not stand by and allow violence to increase. It is clear the Employer has failed to keep their staff safe.

The POA will not fail their members and will use any means necessary to protect the health and safety of hard working, brave and professional Prison Staff. Expecting Prison Officers to work in the most hostile environment in Europe until they are 68 is abhorrent.”


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