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173 25 Jul 2018


This is another below inflation pay rise for hard pressed Prison Officers and support grades. With inflation currently sitting at 2.4% a 2% consolidated award will do nothing to ease the financial hardships POA members face.

This award lags behind private sector pay awards and in real terms Prison Officers have suffered a pay decrease of over 20% over the last 8 years.

This award could have been so much better if the Government had approved all the recommendations the Pay Review Body submitted including a consolidated 2.75% award and an increase in pay points for new starters by 5.25%.

We can only hope that the award will see future inflation busting pay awards for all public sector workers.

This award for prison staff does nothing to compensate staff who work in the most violent workplace in the United Kingdom and fails to recognise the dedicated and essential work they do on behalf of society.

We encourage Government to scrap the Pay Review Body and reinstate collective bargaining over pay in order to compensate the POA for the restrictions they face under the Criminal and Public Order Act 1994, which withdraws our basic human right as an employee to withdraw our labour.

It should also be noted that the International Labour Organisation approved the full recommendations of the Pay Review Body should be implemented unless there are compelling reasons not to do so.

The POA see no exceptional circumstances and question why the Government have failed to abide by this ruling.


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