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172 26 Jun 2018


The announcement today by the Prisons Minister that all new build prisons will be subject to competition and the public sector will not be allowed to bid is a slap in the face for hardworking public sector Prison staff.

It seems this government is determined to obliterate the public sector in an attempt to satisfy their corporate party donors.

POA National Chair Mark Fairhurst commented:

“The Tories continue to publicise the myth that private is good and public is bad. Over recent months we have seen the collapse of private sector providers to the public sector, most notably Carillion. Allowing private companies who are subject to profit warnings to compete is a recipe for disaster. Once again the tax payer will bear the brunt of private finance initiatives. This government have learnt nothing.

Private prisons allow unsafe staffing levels and poorer terms and conditions for their staff. We need to invest in the public sector Prison service and move away from the government dominated obsession with privatisation.

Making a profit from a human beings incarceration is abhorrent. Prisons belong in the public sector and the POA will not stand by and allow this disgraceful situation to continue.”


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