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158 03 Aug 2017


Following the recent serious disturbances at The Mount, Erlestoke and Aylesbury Prisons, more pressure is being applied to the Senior Management of HMPPS as their continued failure to manage the system is exposed.

We got our figures wrong, admit Prison Bosses in £115m bungle.

A bungled contract outsourcing prison maintenance will fail to make the promised £115 million savings, as managers admit that they got their figures wrong. This is a waste of tax payer’s money at a time of austerity and pay restraint.

Mark Fairhurst Acting National Chairman of the POA said;

“My Union challenged the decision to outsource this work. We raised concerns that the contracts were not fit for purpose and full of holes. However, we were given clear assurances that the contracts were watertight and would save £115 million pounds over the term of the contracts. 

The statement in the Annual Report confirms our worst fears that the Ministry of Justice entered into five-year contracts with Carillion and Amey without full knowledge of the costs or having been misled by HMPPS.

As a result, the £115 million savings promised when the contracts were awarded in 2014, will not be met and in our opinion essential maintenance will not be undertaken.

Following the contracting out of this work, both providers argued that they were not responsible for some maintenance and repairs demanding additional payments. We were told that they were and the savings would be realised clearly this is not the case.

This bombshell could not have come at a worse time as the Prison Governors Association has spoken out admitting prisons are in crisis, while other organisations including the POA have demanded action to address the volume of drugs and unprecedented levels of violence”.

When Mark was questioned about low morale amongst his members, he said;

“My members are working in the most astonishing and unsafe conditions of any industry. This announcement rubs salt in the wounds considering the Governments pay restraint of 1% and a 20K bonus given to Michael Spurr CEO of HMPPS this year. This bonus has been paid for failure and is more than many of my members earn in a year”.



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