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155 19 Jul 2017


The POA are disappointed but not entirely surprised by todays Judgement in granting a Permanent Injunction against the POA.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA said:

“I suppose one day the Prison Service and Government will be dragged kicking and screaming into a modern era of employee relations rather than hiding behind restrictive anti-union laws such as Section 127 of the Criminal Justice Public Act 1994”.

The POA has instructed its legal advisors due to the short time parameters to seek leave to appeal the decision.

Steve Gillan went on to say;

“The Health and Safety of our members and those we look after are vitally important and the Prison Service and Government cannot hide behind the Courts forever. The POA will continue to support our members with Health and Safety legislation and will expose the hierarchy of the Prison Service and Government on their continued failures. Perhaps it is now time for some Directors in the Prison Service to step aside or indeed be removed from their positions. Their failings are blatantly obvious for all to see”.




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