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154 03 Jul 2017


The POA will be in the High Court tomorrow 4th July 2017 defending an application from the Secretary of State David Lidington to obtain a permanent injunction in an attempt to silence the POA membership from the crisis within our Prisons which has been created by this Government with failed policies and devastating cuts and the failed Directors of her Majesty’s Prison and Probation service overseeing the destruction of a service that hasn’t been witnessed in decades.

The POA since 2010 have seen five different Secretary of States all with different ideas which ultimately have failed and placed the Health and Safety of staff and prisoners in danger on a daily basis. Instead of treating the POA with contempt and part of the problem they should see our knowledge of the system as part of the solution.

Steve Gillan General Secretary POA stated:

“This application comes as no surprise. It appears to me when the going gets tough in any negotiations or consultations, Senior Managers seek shelter behind the courts rather than having the intelligence to negotiate proper outcomes. The Criminal Justice Public Order Act 1994, Section 127 has been used on numerous occasions by Government’s and employer rather than dealing with the real issues. Our legal team headed by John Hendy QC will robustly defend this application but regardless of the outcome we will not be silenced from raising legitimate Health and Safety concerns and bringing them to the attention of the general public. We will not stand by in silence and let the cuts agenda place our members Health and Safety in danger”.

The POA call on the Prime Minister to intervene on yet another crisis because of funding cuts, which has seen operational grades cut by nearly 8,000 with a record prison population of over 85,500. We stand ready as a trade union to negotiate and urge Management and Government to get back to the negotiating table.




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