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143 01 Mar 2017


 The POA are not surprised that the Secretary of State and Senior Officials at the Prison Service have once again hidden behind legislation, which prevents Prison Officers from taking Industrial action under the provisions of Section 127 of the Criminal Justice Public Order Act 1994 (since amended).

The Executive on behalf of the membership condemn the Secretary of State for hiding behind the High Court, instead of working with the Union to alleviate the crisis that the Secretary of State and Senior Officials in the Prison Service have created.

The fact is the Injunction will not stop violence in our Prisons, the failed recruitment and retention policies nor all the other disturbing statistics that are now common knowledge such as the increase in riots, concerted indiscipline, self-harm, drug availability and the lack of discipline and security in our Prison System.

In the coming days, we will assess the content of the Injunction and make challenges where possible.  The Secretary of State failed to convince the High Court that the POA Leadership were in contempt of Court from the previous Injunction granted on 15th November 2016, but the Judge ruled the POA were in breach of the legislation by sending out a briefing paper encouraging individuals to withdraw from voluntary duties.

Perhaps we now have an Employer and Secretary of State that are so desperate they have reverted to a modern form of slavery.





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