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138 05 Dec 2016


The POA believe that the Ministry of Justice are playing mind games at a crucial time for Industrial Relations with the POA membership.

Contained within their Press Release of 1st December 2016 is Note 1, “The proposals endorsed by the POA’s leadership was on offer before industrial action on 15 November and has not been improved”.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA stated:
“The Prison Service and Secretary of State know that we didn’t take protest action on the grounds of pay and pensions and that the action was purely on health and safety grounds. Their press release is totally inaccurate on their part but also, they did give us an improved offer with no fewer than 25 alterations and additions to various different paragraphs within the document. To say it was the same offer that the Executive rejected on 14th November 2016 is totally untrue”.

The POA also have agreed in principle a new agreement on health and safety where the Employer has made many concessions to our 128 demands to improve their appalling record on safety for both staff and prisoners in England and Wales.

Steve Gillan went on to add,
“It may well be that management are using a tactic to anger the membership so they reject the package on pensions so they can withdraw it and blame the POA membership, and Government can then impose a lesser pay award with their appointed and paid for Pay Review Body”.

Enc - MOJ Press Release Note 1



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