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135 11 Nov 2016


The POA believe the recruitment and retention plan for the National Offender Management Service is in tatters, after the latest Ministry of Justice figures show between 30th September 2015 and 30th September 2016 Prison Officer grades fell in that period by 585 full time equivalents.

Steve Gillan, General Secretary of the POA stated:

“Once again the POA have been correct in their analysis the Prison Service recruitment campaign is in tatters.  The fact is the Service cannot recruit and retain as demonstrated by the latest figures.  The Service is in crisis and we can have little confidence with the Secretary of State announcement of an increase in a further 2,100 Officers”.

The POA are on record as stating to achieve an increase in Prison Officer grades the Government restrictions on pay needs to be lifted, our Prisons need to be safer and an improvement on terms and conditions.  Only then will the recruitment and retention come to fruition.  These latest statistics should be another wake up call for Government and Employer,




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