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132 14 Oct 2016


The “Independent Medical Report” by John Britton Professor of Epidemiology at Nottingham University into the harmful effects of second hand smoke in Prisons has finally been released.

The report commissioned by NOMS was published in March 2015, but has been with-held.

The Ministry of Justice has finally relented and published the report, which can be accessed via the following link.

The Government introduced smoke free workplaces and despite a number of legal challenges from prisoners and the arguments put forward by the POA successive Governments have resisted in making prisons smoke free.

The POA has consistently challenged the Government and NOMS over their failure to introduce smoke free prisons.

This report justifies the concerns of the POA.

Earlier this year NOMS announced a pilot to introduce smoke free prisons in Wales and parts of England. Media reports indicate that the levels of violence and indiscipline has risen following this decision.

Mike Rolfe National Chair of the POA said,

“The publication of this report and its findings must raise serious questions over the safety of our prisons.

This report demonstrates that the failure of successive Governments and NOMS to protect staff and prisoners from the harmful effects of second hand smoke may open the floodgates for future compensation claims.

The POA are now seeking further legal advice and will advise our members on what measures to take to ensure their workplace is safe.”





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