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131 04 Oct 2016


The POA cautiously welcome the announcement of 14 million pounds of investment to recruit 400 additional frontline staff in 10 Prisons.

Keen to halt the unprecedented rise in violence, self-inflicted injuries and deaths in our prisons, the POA have not been a lone voice in the campaign for additional investment.

10 prisons should only be the beginning.

The POA hope this announcement will start a program of investment throughout the prison estate!!!!!!!

In recent times we have witnessed an unprecedented decrease in Prison safety. The POA call on the Justice Secretary to ensure that all Prisons benefit from increased frontline staffing as part of a complex strategy to address safety and much needed Prison Reform.

The Secretary of State also announced that Armed Forces personnel will be specifically targeted for recruitment as Prison Officers. The POA welcome this move.

Armed Forces personnel have many transferrable skills, which can benefit the Prison Service, but we remind Government that current staff are not failing. Government policy has failed them.

Is the perception of the new Conservative Government that Prisons need discipline and structure in order to improve security and safety?

The POA remind the Secretary of State that it was the “old guard” of the Conservative Party that brought about the current state of our Prisons and failed our members by removing frontline staff and placing our members in this untenable situation.

Mike Rolfe National Chair of the POA said;

“We cautiously welcome today’s announcement by the Secretary of State on Prison Reform. The return to pre-2010 front line staffing levels in 10 establishments will demonstrate that the administration has failed.

This small step forward must be followed quickly by a significant change to current staffing levels across the rest of the estate, if we are to save a prison system that has spiralled out of control in recent years.

All too often, POA members are being used as punch bags having been placed at the mercy of crushing Tory cuts. The Secretary of State has promised she can deliver safety to our members, it will now be for the POA to ensure that she delivers on these promises”.




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