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130 27 Sep 2016


The POA have won unfair dismissals for two of its members, Mr Hilton and Mr Gregson, who were sacked for alleged misconduct by Mersey Care NHS Trust. At the time the POA took strike action to highlight the unfair treatment of its members.

Steve Gillan, General Secretary of the POA stated:
“From day one, I always believed my members were innocent of the alleged charges against them. Strike action is always a last resort and if leading managers at the Trust had listened to me all of this could have been avoided.”

Steve Gillan added:
“I have been very concerned for some time about the Trust's mishandling of industrial relations and their hostility to the Union and its representatives. I took the unusual step of meeting with the Trust's Chief Executive and HR Officer before going to the law to try to put industrial relations back on a sensible footing following their victimisation of our Branch Secretary for carrying out his legitimate trade union duties. I sought to avoid taking legal action by explaining how their actions were unacceptable. Unfortunately, they were determined to stick with their policy of attacking the Union and our members. We have now taken them to Tribunal twice in the last couple of months and they have been resoundingly defeated on both occasions with the Tribunal being highly critical of their improper attempts to interfere in the Union's legitimate democratic activities. I call on the Chief Executive, again, to meet with me to try to heal the running sore caused by their anti-Union conduct and put industrial relations onto a proper footing”.





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