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128 28 Jul 2016


The latest Government Safety in Custody statistics outline the failures of NOMS National Offender Management Services to protect prisoners and staff from the unprecedented rise in violence in our prisons.

The latest report continues to demonstrate that prison officers are working in one of the most dangerous and violent environments in today’s modern society.

The level of violence, self-harm and self-inflicted deaths, alongside the continued use of drugs (NPS) within the Secure Custodial prison estate is unacceptable.

The POA National Executive Committee today met with the Chief Executive Officer of NOMS and other senior officials to discuss these devastating statistics.

The POA informed NOMS that if they will not protect the health and safety of staff and prisoners alike, they will.

Mike Rolfe National Chair of the POA said:
“My members have lost patience with the employer (NOMS). They are fed up of being used as a punch bag due to chronic staffing levels, staff shortfalls, overcrowded prisons and impoverished regimes. These damning statistics demonstrate that frontline prison staff are now three times more likely to be assaulted than in 2010. This is totally unacceptable”.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA said:
“We cannot continue to allow the Government and the employer (NOMS) to allow these unprecedented increases of violence to continue. The abject failure of NOMS to address these issues and challenge the Governments cuts year on year has now resulted to bring about a Service in crisis. If the employer fails to protect their workers, then the Union must step in to ensure the workplace is safe and secure”.





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