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PR 121 29 Jan 2016


Following the publication of the latest safer in custody statistics, which provide further evidence of a dysfunctional prison service in acute crisis, the POA have reinforced its advice to members to protect themselves in the workplace.

In the Parliamentary debate on prisons, that took place on Wednesday, 27th January, the Justice Secretary referred to his colleagues in the POA. The POA invite our colleague Michael Gove to put on a uniform, draw a set of keys, unlock violent and unpredictable prisoners high on undetectable drugs and prepare to be assaulted, hospitalised, spat at and covered in excrement.

If the Justice Secretary further intends to announce that prisons are to become academies and foundation trusts, without due diligence and a recognition of the consequences, then he has clearly not learnt the lessons from his previous failures as Secretary of State for Education. We recall that he was removed from that post and as trade unionists we will protect our members from the consequences of his failure to stop, listen and learn from prison officers.

If Michael Gove intends by accident or design to remove national bargaining arrangements and recognition rights from the POA then we put him on notice that we will be proactive in our response.




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