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PR 120 18 Jan 2016

POA launch application for a Judicial Review into Smoking in Prisons

The POA sent a pre action protocol letter to NOMS on the 24th December 2015 as part of the Judicial Review process regarding major concerns over health issues on continued smoking in prisons. Having now had the response from Treasury Solicitors the Union do not believe that a smoking ban will ever be implemented to protect the Health and Safety of both Staff and Prisoners from the damaging effects of second hand smoke. Indeed the effects of new psychoactive substances which have been rife in our prisons and continue to harm the health of prisoners and staff alike. The POA will now pursue the application to the High Court within the legislative timeframe.

The POA are concerned that NOMS and Government officials are not serious about banning smoking in prisons, even although they have had different air quality reports that make it absolutely clear along with a medical report the damage that second hand smoking causes.

The POA are aware that since these reports were finalised advice to Governors was delivered in respect of female workers and prisoners that were pregnant to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the unborn baby.

The POA do not accept that prisons should ever have been exempted from the smoking regulations that came into effect in 2007 as the arrangements did not protect workers from second hand smoke in prisons. The Union has been proved correct in that assertion and now we want a clear timetable that will ban smoking totally in every prison establishment.

NOMS and the Justice Secretary do not care that prison staff and the prisoners in our care have been and continue to be exposed to significant and ongoing health risks. The POA cannot permit this to continue unchallenged.




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