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PR 119 07 Jan 2016


The POA condemn the press statement from NOMS which states: “The research is out of date‘.”

The POA had commissioned an independent report in 2014 into work related stress and wellbeing of all POA members, employees of NOMS, due to the continued failure of NOMS to recognise these issues. Dr Gail Kinman is Professor of Occupational Health Psychology at the University of Bedfordshire and is a well- respected academic in her field of research.

The employer claim that, “NOMS has responded to recent pressures by recruiting 2340 prison officers nationally over the last 12 months, a net increase of 540 officers. We are fully committed to supporting the wellbeing of staff, we run regular wellbeing events, encouraging peer support and providing an employee assistance programme which includes access to counselling therapy, health promotion and other support services.”

The POA National Chairman Peter McParlin has said in response that “Once again NOMS has adopted the ostrich position, burying its head in the sand to ignore the findings of this report. Yet again NOMS refuse to recognise their responsibilities to their staff. This is an abrogation of responsibility to staff. ‘

‘Prison staff are pressurised to work excessive hours sometimes up to 24 hours due to chronic staff shortages. NOMS are aware of these abuses.’

More than 250 officers are sent on detached duty each and every day to support prisons in crisis costing the tax payer some 40 million pounds a year and placing intolerable stress on staff and on their families.

Serious assaults on staff have risen by 42% in the last 6 months and prison violence remains at unprecedented levels.

This independent research confirms that 84% of prison staff have been forced to attend work when sick, threatened by dismissal as the unsustainable cuts to prison budgets make prisons in England and Wales unsafe for staff and the prisoners in our care.   




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