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PR 118 25 Nov 2015


Leaders of the POA have today expressed serious concerns following the announcement to close Holloway.

Holloway opened in 1852 as a mixed prison, became all female circa 1902 and was “completely rebuilt on the same site between 1971 and 1985.”

Holloway has an operational capacity of approximately 500 with single rooms and dormitory accommodation.

The Prison successfully delivers both full-time and part-time education, skills training workshops, with a fully integrated resettlement/induction strategy, which identifies individual needs and provides a structured approach for advice and guidance on such issues as housing, benefits, and training.

Holloway has turned around the lives of many offenders and this decision will do nothing to address offending behavior and rehabilitation.

The decision to announce Holloway for closure will do nothing but de-stabilize the lives of staff and prisoners alike.

This is another example of a government who will stop at nothing to save money.

Nick Hardwick Chief Inspector of Prisons has previously stated during an Inspection “That at a time when the women’s custodial estate is being reviewed, the significant advantages of the Prisons location should be set against its poor design. Women told us they valued being held close to the their families and communities and an exceptionally wide range of community agencies provided good support”

The POA believe this will further demoralise a very professional staff who work hard on behalf of the general public

The POA recently put NOMS and Government on a 28 notice following their concerns over the Health & Safety of prisons following the worst security and safety figures in a decade.






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