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PR 117 23 Nov 2015


In advance of the Spending Review and given the heightened security situation following the atrocity in Paris, the POA call upon the Government to recognise the role of prison officers in the essential protection of the public.

Prison officers, when on duty, exercise the powers of a constable in supervising, controlling and containing terrorists in our prisons.

Prison officers are the professionals working to prevent susceptible prisoners from being radicalised by other sophisticated and controlling prisoners.

Intelligence gathering and security analysis provided by prison officers makes an essential and ongoing contribution to national security.

We remind the Government that when there were riots on the streets of London, prison officers were called upon to work with the courts and the police to maintain law and order.

We call upon the Government to recognise that prisons are an emergency service.

The country has a right to expect its prison officers to play their part in maintaining the security of the state but without sufficient resources they cannot succeed. We need to see more not fewer prison officers.

Further cuts to prison budgets in the Spending Review will be an abrogation of responsibility by our elected representatives in the essential protection of the public.





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