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PR 115 12 Nov 2015


The POA have offered Mersey Care Trust fresh discussions to avert strike action in the Trust from over 500 POA members after Nurses Peter Hilton and Kevin Gregson were dismissed after the restraint of a violent patient.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA said
"It is not too late to avert this strike and further industrial action. I urge Senior Managers to confirm a meeting today rather than posture and threaten legal action against a legitimate ballot. I will be at Ashworth Hospital today if Management wishes to negotiate then I stand ready to do so on behalf of the union. I want to see an independent assessment of the evidence against my members as I believe if this occurs they will be reinstated as there has been a miscarriage of justice".

The POA members were dismissed and lost their appeals against dismissal and are awaiting an employment tribunal. The issue surrounds the restraint of a very violent patient. Ironically the patient was convicted in court for his violent behaviour on various counts of assault against nursing staff. The police cleared staff of any wrong doing but Mersey Care Trust deemed their action inappropriate in the protection of themselves.

Steve Gillan General Secretary said
"Once the facts of this case are out in the public domain, I believe the general public will be outraged and extremely sympathetic to Mr Hilton and Mr Gregson who were merely responding to a violent act in which the patient had head butted a colleague and was spitting at staff during the incident. The actions of restraint were reasonable and the patient came to no harm unlike the nurses. Whilst there should always be a duty of care towards patients the same must apply to staff. I am sure the general public would agree"




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