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PR 113 02 Nov 2015


The POA have sent a notice to Merseycare Trust informing them that a 24 hour strike will take place on the 13th November 2015 from 07.00 hours to 07.00 hours on Saturday 14th November 2015 after its members in the trust voted overwhelmingly for strike action. This follows the dismissals of Kevin Gregson and Peter Hilton following the restraint of a violent patient.

Steve Gillan General Secretary said;
"Merseycare trust issued a statement through the media on the outcome of the ballot for strike action stating "We are happy to work with the POA representatives in a constructive manner to try and achieve a resolution to this matter, to ensure we continue to deliver a safe and effective service for the benefit of our patients" This is just not the case as I met with the Chief Executive Joe Rafferty and the HR director of workforce Amanda Oates on 28th October 2015 in Liverpool and they would not discuss the case. Perhaps they hadn't read what their spokesperson had previously told the media".

The POA have also confirmed further action short of strike action will take place on various dates up until 4th December. Further on the 29th October the POA received a letter from Mersey Care Trusts solicitors claiming irregularities with the ballot which the union has responded to stating the ballot was lawful.

Steve Gillan General Secretary said; “At the meeting with Mr Rafferty he didn't mention anything about our ballot or trades dispute yet the following day the union receives his solicitor’s letter. I can only assume he instructed them to do so. This issue will not go away, Management have a duty of care towards their employees and in the case of Mr Gregson and Mr Hilton it was sadly lacking. Instead of playing legal games and attempting to hide behind the law I urge the Chief Executive Joe Rafferty to enter into meaningful discussions like his spokesperson alluded to in order to resolve this issue. The POA stand ready to avert the strike action"




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