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PR 112 30 Oct 2015


The leadership of the Prison Officers Association (POA) are seeking urgent meetings with NOMS following the worst security and safety results in a decade.

Members of the POA have consistently challenged budget cuts, staff shortages and the serious increase in prison violence and suicides but no one appears to be listening.

There have been seven apparent homicides in prisons in the last 12 months and the use of legal highs is clearly out of control.

Following on from the truly appalling statistics on prison safety, published on the 29th of October 2015 public and politicians need to be further concerned at the 28% increase in further crime committed by those monitored in the community, which brings into sharp focus the rush towards non-custodial sentencing.

What is it to be then, cost cutting and profit for the friends of politicians or the essential protection of the public and those who work within criminal justice?

The Justice Secretary has been in post for five months and considers himself an expert on criminal justice.

The POA say to him stop, listen and learn from those who work day in day out within the criminal justice system. If NOMS and politicians will not protect prison staff and the prisoners in our care then the POA will.




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