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PR 108 20 Aug 2015

Ashworth Secure Division to take Strike Action

The POA have balloted its membership in the secure hospital in Mersey Care trust and the result was overwhelmingly in favour of strike action. The ballot was enacted after two members were dismissed for restraining a violent patient who had assaulted staff. The facts surrounding the case demonstrates a complete lack of duty of care towards employees in the secure division who keep the public safe from some of the most dangerous patients in the country.

Steve Gillan General Secretary stated;
"The POA have given Management every opportunity to rectify this decision by not making our ballot public or commenting on this issue until the internal appeals had been heard. They have now been heard and Management upheld the dismissals. I can confirm that we intend to take strike action or action short of strike action so the general public know the surrounding issues pertaining to this case."

POA members at Ashworth are outraged that the patient whom attacked staff by spitting and head butting was convicted on 3 counts of assault and then made a complaint that saw two members of staff dismissed for using a slipper as a barrier to stop the patient spitting at them which could have caused infection to those staff members.

Steve Gillan further stated;
"The patient was charged and convicted of assault. In the same incident he was spitting at staff. He may have had hepatitis or worse and a slipper was held to stop the spitting. At no time did the slipper come into contact with him. Common sense has gone out the window and two members of staff have paid the price for protecting themselves. I believe the general public will be outraged at this decision. The union believes the actions of their members were totally reasonable in the circumstances."




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