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PR 103 18 Mar 2015


Following the publication of the House of Commons Ninth Report on Prisons: Planning and Policies, the POA call upon the NOMS Board to tender their resignation to the Justice Secretary.

The findings of the Report reinforce the concerns that the POA have consistently raised with regard to the safety of staff and prisoners.

The continued refusal by the NOMS Board to address the issue of safety within prisons and to comply with the minimum standards recommended by the UK Health and Safety Executive is an abrogation of responsibility.

The decisions that they have made in regard to forecasts of the prison population, the use of detached duty, prison closures and recruitment and retention of staff reveals a level of competency far below that expected of senior civil servants.

That the Prison Minister can state in response to the Report that the prison estate is fit for purpose confirms that the Minister is either delusional and/or has not been adequately and accurately briefed by the NOMS Board.

Steve Gillan General Secretary and PJ McParlin National Chairman of the POA jointly state;

“This is a devastating report into the mismanagement of the Prison Service where management failings at Board level are clearly evident. They collectively have administered a Prison Service that is now seen by various independent bodies including the Justice Committee as one which has too few staff and that the level of prison safety has been compromised by poor planning. In any other industry given these failings, the Directors would be removed from their posts. There is no reason why the Prisons Board should be exempt. They have failed the public, staff and prisoners”.




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