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PR 97 19 Nov 2014

Independent Survey of POA reveals a totally demoralised staff

A team of researchers from the University of Bedfordshire led by Professor Gail Kinman has conducted an independent survey on work related stress and wellbeing of Prison Officers in the United Kingdom and Nurses in Psychiatric Secure Hospitals. This report also provides an independent view of the viability of a pension age of 68 for POA members.

The POA have described the finding of the survey as shocking, highlighting the need for an urgent review. The findings will be presented at a seminar in the House of Commons on Wednesday, 19th November. The key findings include;

  • None of the benchmarks set by the UK Health and Safety Executive for the management of work related stress have been met.
  • Levels of psychological wellbeing and job satisfaction are considerably poorer than those found in other “highly stressed” occupational groups.
  • 84% of respondents indicated that they felt under pressure to come into work when they felt unwell.
  • Disclosing work related stress and “failure to cope” is highly stigmatised in the sector and little support seems to be available.
  • 7 out of every 10 respondents to the survey regret their choice of job.
  • 60% are considering leaving the Prison Sector in the near future.
  • POA members get considerably more support from colleagues than they do managers.
  • 75% of the sample surveyed indicated that working after 60 years of age would impair their job performance “very much”.
  • Less than 7% rate the quality of on the job training as very good or excellent.
  • 57% consider this to be poor or very poor.

The POA describe this report as damning. There is overwhelming evidence for an urgent review of members’ working conditions and staffing levels as well as plans to increase the pension age.


  • Professor Kinman and Dr Andrew Clements will present the findings of their survey in Committee Room 10 of the Houses of Parliament starting at 2.00pm on 19th November 2014
  • This event will be chaired by Elfyn Llwyd MP, chair of the Justice Unions Parliamentary Group,
  • Copies of the report will be available at the event and on the POA website from 4.00pm
  • Following the presentation it is intended to hold a question and answer session for those present.
  • This event is open to the general public and press as well as members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.





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