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PR 95 27 Oct 2014

POA succeed in legal challenge against prisoner

The Prison Officers Association (POA) has today been successful in a Judicial Review challenge of a CPS decision to discontinue a prosecution of a prisoner.
On 2nd August 2013 Kevan Thakrar, a category A prisoner, at HMP Manchester, with a history of violence against staff, assaulted a Prison officer by throwing excrement in her face when she answered an alarm call to his cell.
The prison officer was the victim of a callous and unprovoked attack and Mr Justice Stewart sitting in the High Court at Manchester ruled a CPS decision to discontinue criminal proceedings against the prisoner was unlawful. The criminal proceedings have now been reinstated and Thakrar will now face trial in the Magistrates’ Court.
Kevan Thakrar, who was granted legal aid to defend the proceedings, is convicted of 3 murders, 2 attempted murders and has 29 years to serve of a 35 year minimum term of imprisonment. He has already seriously assaulted other prison officers during his current prison term. 
On 3rd March 2014 the CPS discontinued the criminal prosecution of Thakrar stating that it was no longer in the public interest to continue to prosecute him. The POA challenged this decision on behalf of their member.
The POA though disappointed that they have been forced to take this course of action to ensure their members are treated fairly and prisoners are brought to justice when they assault staff had no choice, given that the level of serious assaults on staff in prisons has risen by 37% in the last 12 months.
Steve Gillan, General Secretary of the POA today said:

“We will be seeking urgent discussions with the Prison Service and Secretary of State for Justice to seek assurances that this type of ludicrous decision by the CPS does not happen again.”
“Something is seriously wrong when a dangerous and violent offender can assault staff and walk away from justice with impunity.” 

“Ironically, whilst our assaulted member didn't get any justice until the POA stepped in the prisoner had separately received over £800 in damages from the Prison Service when he sued for lost or damaged property.”

The POA were also successful in securing an order for a contribution towards the cost of the proceedings from Thakrar.





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